Friday, September 30, 2005

Bill Bennett Hitting the Crack Pipe.

Well, here we go again. A prominent figure from the right has once again shown his hypocrisy and given a glimpse of how they really think. On Bill Bennett's Morning in America, Mr. Bill got into some mental gymnastics that he was really wasn’t geared up for. He showed his true colors (no pun intended) by stating that if one’s goal was to solely reduce the crime rate, that aborting black babies would accomplish that mission. Once again we see those on the right preaching at one altar and worshipping at another. Its events like this that give one some insight into how these people think—that is, in an unscripted discussion. If you don’t harbor these sorts of thoughts and patterns, you don’t say things like that or come up with such a stuipd premise. This is a comment from one who (re)published a book of virtues, and claims moral high ground yet had a gambling problem and is willing to entertain such a wild premise. Hey, I don’t care if he gambles but to come from a position of moral righteousness and then sink into such a vice just annoys me to no end. I know, I know—he backed it up with saying that it would be impossible and morally reprehensible. So what? The fact that he even thinks like this is scary.

The war in Iraq is morally reprehensible, but we’re there aren’t we? We've done a whole heck of alot of morally reprehensible stuff. Since when would that stop people from doing or suggesting such things?

The CCN article on same topic is here



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