Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai Port Deal Sunk

Well, the folks in congress finally have “grown a pair” and essentially forced DPW’s hand in backing away from the Ports deal. That’s great but certainly there may be some fall-out from this. At the end of the day though, this is the right decision. DPW has indicated that they will transfer the US ports management to a “US entity”. Will be interesting to see what that really means.

As I indicated in a previous post, it’s not as if this is simply a foreign company. It is a foreign company owned by a foreign government whose practices are questionable at best. And if they don't like it, too bad. There are plenty of times countries tell us just where to go. To that end, we should also look into other similar deals which may affect national security. In this post-9/11 day, we cannot allow these things to happen. Airports have restrictions on who can run them, why not ports? I’m sure a lot more “stuff” goes through ports than airports.

The administration’s failure (chalk up one more screw up for these guys) in this can be attributed once again to rubber-stamping of bureaucrats and the arrogance of the President. The President has tried one too many times to beat his chest and force Congress into doing something. And what is particularly amusing is that while he hasn’t vetoed ONE bill while in office, he chooses this issue, with little public support, to finally pick one. Well, Congress finally decided that they do have a backbone after all and shut him down. Sure, there is plenty of election year politics. But, even the Governors of the states where these ports are were against this. And they were pretty evenly split across party lines. Well, all were against it except for one—guess who--- you got it, Jeb Bush. Boy, how would that look if Jeb came out against the President. That would be a hoot.

What really gets me is that this arrogance is echoed by many people. Of course, its right-wing political hacks. Where has objectivity gone in this country?

Here are a few fine examples of this idiocy…Look at the comments on this post of Right Wing Nut House blog

Even though I’m glad this got shut down, Congress should have at least waited the 45 days to see the results of additional due diligence. Although, I’m confident the result would have been the same.