Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Life Imitating Art

Strange how life can imitate art sometimes. In the movie “Forrest Gump”, Forrest starts the Bubba-Gump “scrimp” company to honor his pledge to a fallen comrade (Bubba) in Vietnam. While he and Lt. Dan (his commanding officer in 'Nam) are out on the sea catching essentially nothing, a huge storm hits the gulf coast and decimates the Shrimp business.

Looks like Katrina did the same thing. Sad thing is, according the CNN story, that some may not rebuild their Shrimp processing plans but potentially sell land to Casinos. Hmm… is there another life imitating art scenario here? Nah…that movie was based in Vegas.


Barbara Bush Opens Mouth and Inserts Foot

I am practically speechless over Bab's comments. Just when you think the you have seen or heard the dumbest thing from the Bush clan (and the administration), another one comes out.

While touring the Astrodome with others, Barbara Bush said: "Almost everyone I’ve talked to says we're going to move toHouston." Then added: "What I’m hearing which is sort of scary is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."

When I first heard of this, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. That is, she did not choose her words wisely and really did mean to say something compassionate. But upon reviewing the other comments the benefit just vanished. So many insults to people in dire circumstances from so few words.

So let's read between the lines to understand what Barbara is "really" saying:
  • Its scary you want to stay here because we really don't want more poor, black people living in Texas.
  • Well, you have no life, so you are better off now that you have had practically everything taken away from you in (arguably) the worst natural disaster in this country's history.
  • And given the piss-poor handling of the situation, you should count yourself lucky to be living in the middle of a stadium even though you may have no idea how you are going to house, clothe, feed and otherwise take care of yourself and family.

Barbara, do us all a favor, keep your suppposed compassionate remarks to yourself.