Thursday, September 08, 2005

Does the President Have Confidence In His People

Its a yes or no answer but apparently not to Scott McClellan. Reading through the White House Press Briefings is actually quite entertaining and amusing even though the topics are quite serious. In one corner we have Scott McClellan with a big fat bulls-eye on his chest. In the other corner we have the Press (a ravenous wolf pack with M16's). In recent briefings McClellan is getting pelted with some shots from the press. (I'm sure its not just recently) What’s amusing about it is that he dodges questions at every turn by regurgitating the same few phrases. Its almost like Cramer on CNBC's Mad Money hitting buttons for his catch phrases and sound effects.

Not playing the blame game... Not finger pointing… We’re helping people… Now is not the time for finger pointing…. blame-game .... blame-game... Ooops, ran out of buttons.

Geez Scott, even I could address some of these questions better. In some ways I do feel for the guy since he’s trying to defend a bunch of bufoons. But in other ways he brings it upon himself.

At one point in the banter, one reporter asks if the president has confidence in the FEMA director and Secretary of Homeland Security. Instead of saying yes to answer the question and shut the guy up, he hits those goofy catch-phrase buttons again (see link above and search for blame).

But I do have to side with him that now is not the time to do the after-action analysis. It does need at least a few months to see what the rest of their actions bring about. Could be worse or they could improve. Time will tell. And, now is not quite the time to fire Brown or Chertoff. They can’t get off that easily. They need to see it through to whatever result. Although I'm quite confident they'll come up with a way to spin in so that they don't get fired or maybe even get promoted. Hopefully there are enough smart, competent people in the trenches to keep them from screwing up again.



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