Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Thin Green Line

How can an administration be so incompetent? A CNN article today reports on a study that the Army is being stretched too thin given our efforts in Iraq in Afghanistan. It is absolutely rediculous that this administration led us to war on two fronts (at least) with so little forsight, strategy and planning. One can be against the war in Iraq on many levels. But one would think that a group that hawkish would at least have the right strategy to execute the war reasonably well. So, not only have we not gotten Osama et. al., we are stuck in the Iraqi mess and will be for generations (yes, generations-- look at post WWII and Korea), Afghanistan is not stable, we will commit TRILLIONS of dollars to this -- but now we are also vulnerable. That's right we are. If they're stretched now, that essentially means we have no contingency should another (more important or critical) theater of operations be necessary (say Iran, Korea or whatever pops up next). God forbid WE actually have some attack on our own soil. I'm not talking about terrorist either. Granted the probablility is miniscule but seeing we have little extra capacity, a country that wants to get stupid could probably do so.

Kerry was no prize but all of those of you who voted for these retards should take a close look at what they have wrought on this country and sent a message in elections this year.