Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That'll teach that lawyer to get in Dick's way

Well, the administration has reloaded comedians and the newsies with more ammo to further distract us from truly important issues in this country (puns fully intended). All kinds of jokes and news stories are out on the accidental weekend shooting by VP Dick Cheney. So of course the press briefings with the White House focus more on when and what disclosed rather than the incident and other important matters. In the grand scheme of things, it is an unfortunate accident but probably getting more attention than it really deserves. Again, all in the name of whats "newsworthy" rather than the kind of reporting on important topics we need.

Thank God the guy didn’t die. Big question now that he had a heart attack is, if he dies, does Cheney get tagged with some crime? Well, Cheney did commit a crime- he allegedly didn't have a hunting license. Shame, shame Dick. Probably a good argument for gun control -- that is, to control Dick Cheney from having a gun.

There are some particularly amusing cartoons here. Man, I really like the one about-- "Oops, I thought you were a Democrat". I hope Republicans don’t start protesting and burning down buildings over these cartoons.