Friday, July 28, 2006

Tons o' Myspace Friends

Well, by now if you're not aware of myspace, you must have been living in space. Some of the numbers are mind-boggling:
95 Million users
10's of Billions of page hits a month
500,000 new users each week.

It has truely become a pop-culture phenomenon. And with that some creepy folks, scams and some new celebs. Many of which have gained fame, magazine covers and more.

Two in particilar have on the order of 1 million friends. Tila Tequila and Christine Dolce (aka Forbidden) have one order of 1.3MM and 980,000 users respectively. Both have parlayed their online personas into some serious bank.

How in the heck does one get to 1mm friends? Samy, a rather creative and enterprising young lad accomplished this in a matter of days. Well, he had the help of a "myspace worm". Myspace has apparently blocked this sort of monkey-business.

I've been drawn to the myspace dark-side with my own profile (UncleFire of course) and have also put up a myspace code site. Go here if you want some cool graphics and myspace tweaks.



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