Friday, February 10, 2006

Kanye didn't get best album-- so what

In an op-ed piece on today, Eugene Robinson comments on the fact that Kanye West did not win Album of the year. He begins with:

"Was his insolent claim that "George Bush doesn't care about black people" the reason Kanye West didn't win the prestigious album of the year and record of the year awards he deserved at the Grammys the other night?"

Deserved? Who determines that? That would be the academy. The academy didn't think he deserved it or else that body would have given it to him. It annoys me that Mr. Robinson even plays the race and Kayne comment cards and that there is some sort of entitlement because West's album was successful. Or for that matter, that he had the guts to state on national TV what many folks where thinking and feeling. If it was because of his comments (which I doubt), I say that just because we have "freedom of speech", it doesn't mean there aren't consequences. And certainly there are plenty of cases to show that race isn't really a factor in the grammys - There have been other African-Americans that have won grammys.

There are plenty of "uppity" (Mr. Robinson's term) and socially concious artists that don't even come close to a grammy.

Could it be that Kanye's album just wasn't as good as the others? Nah... couldn't be



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