Thursday, August 18, 2005

Time to get out of Dodge...I mean Gaza

It is a bit disheartening to see the conflict going on between Iraelis in Gaza -- especially in a Synagogue. But I figure it IS time for Israel to get out of "occupied" lands and give the Palestinians a chance at their own homeland. Plus, it really would start to eliminate the militant "excuses" for fighting with the Israeli's. Once the Palestinians get their "nation", there should be no excuses for the terrorist attacks. Seems to me with the disengagement plan, Sharon is eliminating the excuses. And, its not as if the settlers are simply being evicted with no compensation.

On that note, I was wondering if the settlers were getting anything out of this. Well, according to CNN, each family will get $250k - $500k as compensation and delays in moving could cost them at least some of that. I'm sure Palestinians weren't compensated when they were evicted from their homelands. The kicker is that Israel wants us to give them $2.2 billion dollars for this. And, we'll likely give it to them. Let's just keep increasing that deficit.

Is it really worth living somewhere if you face the constant threat of being killed? Certainly there is emotion over historic/religious implications of the land but at some point, somebody has to make the sacrifice for greater noble cause. That is, a chance at peace and coexistence in that area. To many people on both sides have died. And this one is worth it.


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Yeah, I suppose we are cut from the same cloth. Cheers!

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