Friday, October 28, 2005

Damn it Jim. I'm a gay man, not a straight one.

George Takei of Star Trek fame has come out of the closet. A CNN Article released today indicated that he decided to come out of the closet based on his work in the play Equus.

It wouldn't surprise me if he purposely "outed" himself to get some additional publicity for the play. Like they say, there's not such thing as bad publicity (or something like that).

Frankly, based on a few of his interviews I'm surprised he was actually in the closet. I noticed a few blog entries (like this one) indicated their "gaydars" were pretty good but didn't see him as a blip there. Huh? Listen to him speak and look at the picture on the CNN article and that ought to show a big ole' blip on one's "gaydar".

At the end of the what?

Live long and prosper


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