Friday, March 09, 2007

What the heck happened to Eddie Van Halen?

Seems to me, Eddie ought to be playing "Somebody get me a doctor". Eddie Van Halen is apparently going into Rehab again. It is no wonder they cancelled their "reunion" tour.
As eddie said in a statement: "That's why I have decided to enter a rehabilitation facility to work on myself, so that in the future I can deliver the 110 percent that I feel I owe you and want to give you". Seems to me, the way he's looking, 85% would be a challenge.
I mean really, I know the guy had cancer and all. But holy cow does he look old and grizzled. Just goes to show what the life of booze and drugs will do to you. Speaking Van Halen, David Lee Roth isn't looking so good either.
Guys, just hang it up. Let us revel and enjoy all your great licks from yesteryear.

More Scary Eddie Pictures here from a recent "performance".

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