Monday, August 22, 2005

Senate has a Gas Problem

The problem is they are likely to only contribute more greenhouse gases by their latest moves. Apparently, the Senate Energy Committe will hold meetings to determine the high cost of gasoline. Duh! Do we really need to expend energy (pun intended) on this? How can the energy committe (of all groups) be that out of touch with reality. Ok guys, read carefully -- High Global Demand, Challenges in Supply Chain, Oil Production has Peaked. So figure it out and come up with solutions.

I would love to hear what strange conversations some senators are having about our gas prices.

Senator 1: Gas is a bit pricey. People are getting pissed.
Senator 2: Maybe we should do something about it. (Or at least appear that we're doing something about it).
Senator 1: Yeah we should, elections are right around the corner and if we are not percieved as doing something about it, we may not get re-elected"

We all know that's what its about. There are no quick, short term fixes. The solution to our energy problems will take years to deal with and must be attacked on multiple fronts. Too bad the recent Energy bill doesn't seem like it will do much in that regard except for rewarding cash rich energy companies. For an administration (and supporters thereof) who have so much of an energy background, you would think they could come up with something better. I guess that's par of the course.


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